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Chrysamed insektisit

Effective against all kind of insect species. chrysamed insecticide is a broad spectrum ready- to- use insecticide that does not contain pbo, solvent and other petroleum- derived hazardous solvents. the application is different from other insecticides. pbo, solvent, petrol ve diğer tehlikeli çözücüler içermeyen geniş spektrumlu ürünler. effective gels against cockroaches and ants. chrysamed produces with a natural product for a natural life policy. what is chrysamed insecticide? doğal ve beşeri unsurlar.

browse products broad- spectrum insecticide chrysamed insecticides offers a natural solution to pest problem. pasaport harcı nasıl yatırılır. it can be applied by everyone without using any masks and protective equipment. ₺ 65, 00 vergiler dahil ₺ 58, 50 vergiler dahil. while solving the pest problem; chrysamed respects and protect human, animal and environmental health. chrysamed insecticide wide spectrum water- based general insecticide chrysamed bifomed turbo insecticide against cockroaches and ants chrysamed force water- based insecticide against ants, cockroaches and flies chrysamed bug- ex water- based effective insecticide against bed bug chrysamed g- 06 soft herbal insecticide against mosquitoes and houseflies. ready- to- use producst that are water based odorless and effective according to chrysamed insektisit insect type. chrysamed insektisit 1 lt. çevre ve insan sağlığına duyarlı, uçan ve yürüyen tüm haşere türünde etkili formülasyon ile geniş kullanım alanı sunar.

chrysamed insecticides offers a natural solution to pest problem. geniş spektrumlu insektisit haşere sorununa etkili çözümü chrysamed böcek ilaçları sunar. does chrysamed kill ants and roaches? our product, which is sensitive to the environment and human health, offers a wide usage area with effective formulation against all kinds of insects. chrysamed repellent high effective against mosquito, housefly and tick chrysamed worm- ex effective insecticide against woodworm chrysamed ratex rodenticide ready- to- use wax block bait effective against mice and rats.

it is odorless and doesn’ t leave stains. chrysamed insecticide it does not contain hazardous solvents, odorless and does not leave stains, it' s sensitive to human and environmental health. haşere öldürücüler, kullanıma hazır ürünler, son bahar, tüm ürünler. why choose chrysamed? uçak lego.

with our non- toxic, biologically effective products we act on the nervous system of the insect and kill them. chrysamed bifomed turbo insecticide against cockroaches and ants chrysamed worm- ex chrysamed fibron gel. haşere ile mücadelede pratik bilgiler.

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